Extras: english and italian subtitles; The Making Of Schramm (35 min.); Early Buttgereit Short: Cannibal Girl; Still gallery (more than 100 photos); Schramm is boxing (6 min. live on stage); Making Of MUTTER Video; 6 Trailer; Remixed Stereo Soundtrack; Audio Interview by A. Kluge; Buttgereit Biography; 2 englische Audiocommentaries by 1. Monika M. and Florian Körner v. Gustorf 2. Franz Rodenkirchen and Jörg Buttgereit

The Crew

Regie: Buttgereit, Jörg - Darsteller: Florian Körner, Micha Brendel, Carolina Harnisch - Kamera: Manfred O. Jelinski - Musik: Max Müller - Drehbuch: Jörg Buttgereit.

Lothar Schramm is dying, face down in a pool of blood. Behind his closed eyes, fractured memories repeat themselves again and again. He runs by the sea. He lusts after the whore (Monika M.) across the hall. He staggers through life uncertainly. He kills. SCHRAMM is the story of the notorious Lipstick Killer Lothar Schramms last days on earth. Revealed in a series of tightly constructed flashbacks, the film offers an unflinching look into the mind of a serial killer. Uncompromising in its depictions of violence and perversion, SCHRAMM is a poetic masterpiece guaranteed to make you squirm. Not rated.

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