buttgereit Nekromantik corpse fuckRob is an employee at Joe`s Streetcleaning Agency, a roving team of misfits who visit roadside accidents and clean up the mess. He lives with his girlfriend Betty in a small Berlin flat. Pictures of centerfold models and serial killers decorate the walls. Human body parts are neatly displayed, floating in formaldehyde, sealed in glass jars. Rob adds to his collection daily, much to Betty`s delight. Not content with body parts alone, one day Rob surprises Betty by presenting her with a bloated corpse pulled from a swamp. Betty is overjoyed, and with the rotten corpse between them, they pledge undying love. But all good things must end. Betty soon becomes enamored with the corpse, and leaves Rob alone, taking it with her as a parting gift. Unable to cope with this loss, Rob travels a twisted road of sickness and self-abuse before finding salvation and happiness through a very sharp knife. Completed in 1987, Nekromantik shocked the world, proving that director Jörg Buttgereit and low budget filmmaking were forces to reckon with. Not for the squeamish, Nekromantik was always presented uncut and unrated. Featuring some of the darkest, most stomach-churning scenes ever commited to celluloid, JB`s Nekromantik has been lauded by critics as the first post-modern horror film. German with english subtitles track.
The Crew

Produktion: Manfred O. Jelinski - Regie: Jörg Buttgereit - Schauspieler: Daktari Lorenz, Beatrice M., Harald Lundt, Susa Kohlstedt, Heike S. - Kamera: Uwe Bohrer - Musik: D. Lorenz, John B. Walton, Hermann Kopp - Licht: Harald Weiss - Buch: Jörg Buttgereit, Franz Rodenkirchen

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